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The Renewable Energy Centre is the only UK website providing:

  • a practical and easy-to-understand introduction to renewable technologies,
  • advice on installation,
  • a directory of contractors and suppliers
  • links to not-for-profit renewables organisations and
  • links to sources of funding and further information.

For every subject there is a page of introductory information, including links to further information you might find useful, followed by a page of links to companies and organisations that provide products and services in that field.

You can contact these companies in three ways:

  • Clicking on a logo takes you straight to that company's own website,
  • Using the large email button at the top of the page gives you the opportunity to send one email to all the companies active in your area, and
  • Above each logo is an email facility allowing you to contact a company individually.

If you have any comments, suggestions or even complaints, then we would like to hear from you.
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The Renewable Energy Centre is an effective channel through which you can

  • raise your brand awareness,
  • generate public goodwill and positive PR and
  • generate a steady stream of sales enquiries.

The Renewable Energy is made up of 11 technology subjects From Home Energy Saving to Combined Heat and Power (CHP). As well as these subjects are comprehensive details of Conferences & Exhibitions, Trade Associations & Journals, Government contacts and Ecological Organisations.

Within each technology subject are company directories which offer the visitor access to your website and a simple way to contact you via email.

So, these are the benefits to you of being featured in The Renewable Energy Centre

  • Sales enquiries via email - increased turnover and profit.
  • Referrals to your website - greater awareness of your products/services.
  • Exposure of your company logo - increased brand awareness.
  • Quarterly referral statistics - management control

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