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The Department of Trade & Industry has a set of free resources covering the subject of Renewable Energy in three categories:

  • Cross-curricular programme for pupils aged 5 to 11 years
  • Geography programme for students aged 11 to 18 years
  • Science programme for students aged 11 to 16 years

with Teachers Notes, Activity Sheets, Posters, Case Studies and useful links.

Welsh language version available at:

The National Energy Foundation’s PowerEd site has Activity and Fact Sheets, Presentations, details of how you can organize a visit from the Green Energy Machine Road Show and demonstration kits for schools that want to build their own Wind turbines, Solar water heaters, and Solar PV demonstrators.

The Teacher Resource Exchange has teacher-designed resources on Energy and Renewable Energy. Visit and search on Science.

E4S - Environmental Teaching Resources provides teachers with lesson planning materials on the sustainable use of water, textiles and timber resources and issues surrounding waste management.

BP Educational Service has a variety of downloadable free resources, films on DVD and projects kits which can be purchased. Heavy bias to fossil fuels although does have useful Energy and Renewables materials.

The E.ON Energy Experience has free activities, teachers notes, classroom guides and curriculum links for energy topics including fossil fuels, nuclear and renewables for Key Stages 1-4. Good graphics and comprehensive coverage of the subjects.

CAT Publications have teachers’ and pupils’ guides to renewable technologies from £2 to £5 + vat per copy downloadable from their website at

The Standards Site from the Dept for Education describes what is expected of pupils in Science Key Stage 3 (Year7); Unit 71 Energy Resources;

Lior International has a multimedia encyclopedia on Renewable Energies available in CD-ROM or for download. Expensive but very comprehensive. Components or the complete encyclopedia may be purchased or rented.

Tell us about your Educational Resources. If you provide teaching resources for the UK on Renewable Energy and wish to see them featured here, please email


The Camborne School of Mines, now part of the University of Exeter teaches a three year BSc. course in Renewable Energy at the Falmouth, Cornwall campus. For details see:

University of Dundee runs BSc and MSc Honours courses in Renewable Energy. For details see:

At its Chrichton Campus in Dumfries and in the Faculty of Engineering on the city campus in Glasgow, The University of Glasgow runs a four year degree course in Renewable Energy including a period of industrial placement. For further information see:

The Institute of Energy and Sustainable Development is part of De Montford University based on the University’s Leicester campus. It offers an MSC course - Energy and Sustainable Building Design. For more information, visit

The University of Ulster offers an MSc or PGD course in Renewable Energy.

Reading University’s School of Construction Management and Engineering offers MSc and Postgraduate Diploma (PGD) courses in Renewable Energy: Technology and Sustainability.

Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh offers an MSc course in Renewable Energy and Distributed Generation.

Tell us about your College or University. If you provide courses in the UK on Renewable Energy and wish to see them featured here, please email

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