Micro-Hydro Solar - PV

» PV grants scheme:  DTI have now announced the details of the revised LCBP grants scheme, which is to be available from 29th May 2007.

For PV, the new scheme will offer £2000 per kWp.  This is subject to an overall maximum of £2500 per household, regardless of how many technologies (ie wind, water, solar etc) are taken up.  Further, installations should be in place within four months of a grant offer being made.

Grants will be allocated on a first come, first served basis untill the money runs out - there will be no monthly scramble - and it is emphasised that the conditional energy saving measures required under the scheme should be in place before an application is made.

Check the details on www.lcbp.org.uk  

Please note that as from the end of August 2007, forest:engineering will not be installing PV systems under the LCBP grants scheme.                                                                          


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