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Public Resources for Renewable Energy Information

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With government renewable energy targets firmly set, there are now plenty of resources and initiatives which have been released in order to help you find out more about what you can do to live a more environmentally friendly life. Whether you are an individual or business there is help at hand and independent advice for the aspects of renewable energy or greener living you wish to undertake.

The government has established many organisations to deal with various areas of renewable energy and energy saving. Some of the larger departments include Ofcom and The Planning Portal.

If you want to contact any public agencies in your local area, we have a a comprehensive list of:

We also have contact details for a range of self help and community groups.

Although many local Energy Efficiency Advice Centres have now seen a reduction in funding, many have continued to run by securing funding from other sources. We have a range of websites you can look at which relate to localised areas so it is possible to see who you can contact in your nearby towns.

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