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Wind Turbine Blade Maintenance Against all odds

20 Jun 2011

When a seven metre portion of a Vestas blade prototype broke off last year - only weeks after the company had a signed a deal to supply the same model to a 420MW wind farm in Australia - the company felt it had some explaining to do. But according to the latest Wind Energy Update Operations and Maintenance Report 2011, human error, which was ultimately the cause of the failure, is all too common in blade prototype manufacturing.

“The rotor blade prototype fabrication process requires significant hand labor, providing abundant opportunity for deviations to the fiber placement specifications,” explains the report, which provides an in-depth cradle to grave analysis of blade design, manufacture, and maintenance.

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More research needed for Building turbines on Sand

07 Jun 2011

To ensure offshore wind turbines are still upright 20 years down the track, more research is needed into the behaviour of the soil structures underlying them, says the latest report from Wind Energy Update.

A distinguishing feature of offshore wind turbine structures is that the turbines impose a large horizontal load, at a great height, above the turbine’s foundation. The over-turning forces at foundation level resulting from this high ratio of lateral-to-vertical loading implies a loading regime that is very different from that of existing offshore oil and gas installations.

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Barnsley FC Reds Go Green with Solar Europa PV Panels

05 Apr 2011

Barnsley Football Club is to become the first in the country to be powered by solar energy.

Work will start next month installing photovoltaic panels on the roofs of two stands and the external wall of the south stand at Oakwell - enough to provide energy to for about 140 homes.

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Exploring whether Enhanced Geothermal Systems can be Commercially Viable

04 Mar 2011

With a need for cheaper renewable energy on a vast scale, conventional geothermal energy has long been seen as a reliable source of energy, based primarily along continental boundaries.

With the potential to produce energy 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS) has been seen as a viable renewable resource which if successful could help the US meet its energy needs by exploiting the approximately 500,000 MWe of EGS resources.

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North America demands policy that provides solutions to wind turbine supply chain surplus

03 Mar 2011

Since wind power is the fastest growing manufacturing sector in the United States, with 400 new facilities opening up in the last five years, it is clear that developing a clear roadmap and package of new policies to support both offshore and onshore wind power is not just about being green and good, but about economic survival.

While dropping turbine prices may be have manufacturers scrambling, project developers will be scrambling to take advantage of the improved cost-competitiveness of wind energy compared with gas and coal.

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Scaling Small Energy Harvesters for the Grid

03 Mar 2011

Energy harvesters for small devices create energy from the environment, such as where there is a temperature gradient, movement, radio frequency (RF) field, light and more.

For most developers of energy harvesters, wireless sensors is a high priority market, where 90% of trials fail to move to adoption because the conventional battery in the wireless sensor makes the system unaffordable - finding and replacing batteries at frequent intervals is a challenge. Negating the conventional battery and replacing it with an energy harvester sees the life time extend to decades. While wireless sensors are commonly discussed, energy harvesting will also - and has already - had prolific use in many consumer electronics applications. From the humble piezoelectric lighter today sold in hundreds of millions to new consumer devices such as cellphones with assisted power from light and heat.

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Dragons Den seeks Green Entrepreneurs for Series 9

24 Feb 2011

After its record breaking series in 2010, Dragons’ Den is preparing to open for business once again, giving entrepreneurs from across the country the chance to realise their ambitions and make their business dreams come true.

If you’re genuinely seeking investment for your business idea or invention, we’d like to hear from you.

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The Solutions to Post Warranty Wind Energy Operations and Maintenance

14 Feb 2011

Despite a hindered growth of wind installations in 2010, the industry expects to add 100,000 more turbines over the next two decades. What’s more is that in roughly 5 years the expected growth in operation and maintenance (O&M) business is set to be a $10.6 billion.

This growth is imminent. As we approach 2012, operating wind projects with a cumulative value of around $40 billion dollars will come out of their warranty periods. They will then require both a rigorous end-of-warranty inspection and then an on-going O&M aftercare strategy going forward.

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Study reveals 91 per cent rise in UK wind energy employment

01 Feb 2011

Study reveals 91 per cent rise in UK wind energy employment

RenewableUK, the country’s leading voice for the renewable energy industry, has today published the most comprehensive ever employment figures for the wind energy industry, showing a 91 per cent increase in full-time employment in the sector between 2007/8 and 2009/10.

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Ministry of Defence launches POWERFOB to source low energy engineering systems

17 Jan 2011

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) is seeking expressions of interest by 9th February for low energy solutions which could help military forward operating base (FOB) infrastructure and operations.

The POWERFOB programme aims to attract areas of industry which are not usually associated with the MoD and encourage the use of low energy technologies in FOB’s to aid self sufficiency and power conservation out in the field.

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Anti windfarm campaigners could cost England a Fortune

04 Nov 2010

A report quantifies the financial value at a local and regional level from approving the construction of onshore wind farms.

Aesthetic concerns damage opportunities for local job creation, increased business rates for local councils, and funds for local community projects. England stands to gain over £1.3bn in wind energy investments by 2030, if all onshore wind farm developments currently seeking approval are agreed.

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Solar Europa offers Businesses Substantial Savings on PV Panels

25 Oct 2010

Solar Europa has firmly established its position as a major UK PV Panel supplier by offering both large and small companies the same discount opportunities through a new purchasing consortium.

The company, which already holds MCS certification and boasts enhanced performance and product efficiency, aims to enable smaller businesses to reap the same benefits offered to those who are buying in bulk.

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European Leaders meet in London to Promote Renewable Future

07 Oct 2010

Key players in renewable energy are meeting in London this month at the European Future Energy Forum.

Held in association with Abu Dhabi’s Masdar Initiative, the forum will gather Europe’s leading clean energy ministers, manufacturers and financiers for three days of talks and business dealings.

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Britain rules the waves with the largest wind farm in the world

23 Sep 2010

Political and business leaders have welcomed today’s announcement that the UK has installed its 5th gigawatt of wind energy capacity, which places the country within reach of achieving 10% of electricity from renewables.

The 5th gigawatt has been achieved by today’s opening of Thanet Offshore Wind Farm, a 300MW project off the coast of Kent and the extension of Crystal Rig, a 200MW project in the Scottish borders that opened earlier this month.

Local Authorities are allowed to sell electricity back to the Grid

09 Aug 2010

RenewableUK supports the reversal of the previous government’s decision which prevented Local Authorities selling electricity back to the Grid.

RenewableUK, the country’s leading renewable energy trade association has welcomed the Government’s decision to overturn a ban on local authorities selling renewable electricity back to the Grid. The ban will end on 18th August 2010.

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