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The Renewable Energy Centre Press Room

Welcome to The Renewable Energy Centre Press Room

Here you will find articles and press releases issued by The Renewable Energy Centre. If you require more information or would like to publish these, please contact Angela Gallacher (Head of Press & Marketing) on 01926 865835.

Please click on the links below to read the full articles:

Wind industry ready to pump 2.5bn pounds direct into UK economy

21 Apr 2009

£10bn ‘shovel-ready’ wind projects could lay foundation for green economy

BWEA, the UK’s leading renewable energy business organisation, today launched their report on the wind, wave and tidal sector’s contribution towards building a low carbon economy: Powering a Green Economy: Wind, wave & tidal’s contribution to Britain’s industrial future.


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BWEA welcomes offshore wind employment

15 Apr 2009

BWEA, the UK’s leading renewable trade association, welcomed today’s report by the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR), urging the Government to act in order for employment to be created in the offshore wind sector.

The report ‘Green Jobs: Prospects for creating jobs from offshore wind in the UK’ states that the sector could provide 70 000 jobs in the UK by 2020, with timely Government assistance on supply chain and financing.

Dr Gordon Edge, BWEA Director of Economics and Markets, said: “A host of independent studies has shown that the wind sector in the UK can be a motor for economic growth. Wind can provide clean, sustainable energy, while attracting investment and creating employment. It is a win-win situation, which, with the right policy framework in place, can benefit the country as a whole.”


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UK Carbon Emissons need further reduction by 2020

08 Apr 2009

The Renewable Energy Centre believes UK carbon emissions should be cut by 42% by 2020.

A report issued by the Tyndall Centre of Climate Change this week highlighted that predictions about climate change and the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions may have been too optimistic.


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BWEA announces Aviation Fund

01 Apr 2009

BWEA Aviation Fund to free up Wind Energy Projects

Wind to power up a further 2.5 million homes once aviation issues resolved


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Suncatchers by Monodraught seen in a New Light

30 Mar 2009

Monodraught Suncatchers create a striking Atrium feature at Nottingham University

Bespoke Monodraught SunCatchers take centre stage at Make Architects’ stunning new Sir Colin Campbell Building for Nottingham University’s Jubilee Campus extension.


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AISSAC proves Solar Power Works

26 Mar 2009

Solar Power in Scotland – it works!

In Scotland we have plentiful sources of free renewable energy which we must develop to ensure we have enough electricity to power us into the future. In addition to the well known sources of wind and water there is another source just as plentiful as either of these. That is the Sun.


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BWEA welcomes RSPB Report

24 Mar 2009

RSPB calls on government to increase commitment to onshore wind

BWEA, the UK’s leading renewable energy association, welcomed today RSPB’s “Positive Planning for Onshore Wind” report, which sets out how to significantly expand UK’s onshore wind capacity. Evidence shows that it is possible to develop onshore wind farms, without damage to wildlife.


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Enact Energy provides Comic Relief

20 Mar 2009

£1,000 raised by ‘Doing Something Funny for Money’

Sustainable energy consultancy, Enact Energy, has raised £1,000 for Comic Relief, following a day of fundraising on Friday 13th March involving waxing, the old faithful bath of beans, ‘lingo’ bingo, cake bake-offs and more!


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FuturEnergy backed by Greenpeace

20 Mar 2009

Greenpeace Backs FuturEnergy to Power 'World'

Lighting up the World – clean renewable energy generated by three FuturEnergy micro-wind turbines together with a bank of solar panels, provided all the power to illuminate and run the latest Greenpeace earth-shape Climate Research Station in Poland.


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Monodraught brings fresh air and light to the Seaside

18 Mar 2009

Monodraught SunPipes and Sola-boost natural ventilation systems have been used extensively throughout the Seaside Primary School in Lancing, West Sussex to improve children’s wellbeing.

The school will accommodate up to 420 pupils and has been created from the amalgamation of two schools, is currently operating in a brand new 1200 square metre extension built to facilitate the West Sussex County Council ‘Age of Transfer’ project in Shoreham and Lancing.


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Double Glazing Shop reveals home truths

17 Mar 2009

How do you find out the true cost of double glazing? Many double glazing companies want to come round and demonstrate their company and products and give a 3 hour build up as to why the retail price of their products are worth so much money.

Then they will come out with an offer at the end of the presentation that has to be taken now and reduce the cost by a quick 50%. Then after a series of 3rd party phone calls to the boss you could get an extra 20% more off. Now you are nearly at the price of how much your new double glazing should cost.


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FuturEnergy March Newsletter

12 Mar 2009

FuturEnergy March Newsletter

Spring beckons, bringing with it the promise of warmer, longer days, the bursting of buds, the frenzied flight of flirting birds and, of course, this month's National Homebuilding & Renovation Show.


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The Renewable Energy Centre Exhibits at Ecobuild

24 Feb 2009

The Renewable Energy Centre is set to exhibit next week at the UK’s largest sustainable building products show; Ecobuild.

Held at Earls Court in London from 3rd – 5th March, the show is poised to attract record numbers this year with over 800 exhibitors and a long line of high profile guest speakers.


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Forever Fuels announces Partnership

06 Feb 2009

Forever Fuels Ltd and Skellefteå Kraft AB today announced that they have agreed to work together to bring Skellefteå's top-quality wood pellets to the British market.

The market for green heating in the UK is still in its infancy. But the need for alternatives to fossil fuels has been highlighted by the volatility of their prices, and Russia's attempts to hold her neighbours to ransom through control of the gas supplies.


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BWEA big day for off shore renewables

27 Jan 2009

Two environmental assessments show ‘huge scope for development’

BWEA, (British Wind Energy Association) the UK’s leading renewables trade association, welcomed the two key Government announcements published today, as a decisive development towards powering up every home in the UK with wind, wave or tidal energy.


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