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UK Offshore Wind Industry Reaches 1gw Landmark

23 Apr 2010

The UK is the world leader in wind with 1 gigawatt (GW) of installed wind farms, providing energy for 700,000 homes. The landmark was reached with the installation of DONG Energy’s Gunfleet Sands and E.ON’s Robin Rigg. The development pipeline is now over 40GW which is sufficient to provide bulk of UK’s electricity.

The landmark first gigawatt (GW) of installed offshore UK wind energy capacity has been reached this week as two wind farms off the coast of Britain began generating electricity: Robin Rigg operated by EON and Gunfleet Sands operated by DONG Energy. One GW, now comprising of 11 wind farms, or 336 installed wind turbines, cements UK’s world-wide lead in the sector.

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Thinking about earning from the Feed in Tariff proceed with Caution

16 Mar 2010

With so much hype about the new Feed in Tariff (FIT), solar photovoltaic manufacturers have been scrambling to attract as much of the market share as they can. Likewise those homeowners thinking about installing PV and hoping to capitalise from the FIT are also researching products galore.

However there is really only one place anyone should be going to and that is the Micro-generation Certification Scheme (MCS) website. It is a little known fact that only the products which are certified by this programme will be eligible to benefit from the FIT.

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BWEA supports Clipper Windpower UK manufacturing plans

19 Feb 2010

Clipper Windpower is to build the world’s largest turbine blade in Newcastle, initially creating 500 jobs and the Government pledges a further £8 million for offshore wind.

BWEA (RenewableUK), the UK’s leading trade association, welcomed today’s announcement from US Company Clipper Windpower on plans to build the world’s largest turbine blade in Newcastle, for its proprietary 10 megawatt (MW) Britannia wind turbine. Each Britannia turbine will be able to satisfy the annual electricity consumption of over 6500 households. The factory building the blades will be based on Tyneside, creating 500 jobs by 2020.

BWEA (RenewableUK) also pointed out that Clipper’s factory joins a growing number of UK businesses capitalising on the economic opportunities presented by the onshore and offshore wind supply chain. Recently, companies such as Mabey Bridge and JDR Cable Systems have announced a significant increase in manufacturing capacity to service the burgeoning wind sector, with further interest from other potential entrants.

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Seagen Passes 1000 Operational Hours of Tidal Current Energy

11 Feb 2010

SeaGen, the world-leading prototype tidal energy turbine designed and deployed by Marine Current Turbines Ltd (MCT) has exceeded 1000 hours of operation in Northern Ireland’s Strangford Lough. It is the first tidal current or wave energy system in the world to have achieved this milestone.

The 1.2MW tidal current turbine, the largest megawatt scale grid-connected marine renewable energy system in the world, has achieved a capacity factor of 66% and so far delivered 800MWh into the National Grid.

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Higha Efficiency helps to keep UK homes warm this winter

09 Feb 2010

How much it is going to cost you too heat your home this winter?

  • £1,001 is the average annual gas and electricity bill for a family living in a three-bedroom house, according to
  • 51% is the amount by which gas and electricity bills have risen over the past five years (Ofgem)
  • And if you have no mains gas; it will cost £2000 for a4 bedroom home using LPG (Calor) pm.
  • CASH-STRAPPED residents can now cut their fuel bills while combating climate change this winter.

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Gec-Co leads the way in large commercial heat pump contracts

09 Feb 2010

GEC-CO (Go Eco Consultancy Company Ltd) Renewable Energy Company
with an office in Southampton and warehousing on the Isle of Wight has secured one of the largest Heat Pump Installation contracts ever awarded in the UK.

Work has already begun at ATC Lasham, an Airfield in Hampshire, replacing all the oil boilers on site with De Longhi high temperature Air Source Heat Pump systems.

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Allard Architecture researches onshore near shore and off shore wind energy

19 Jan 2010

Adjusting to the decreasing amount of architectural work in the FGC, Allard Architecture was approached by the most sustainable energy producer of the Netherlands to fine-tune their design and presentation skills for use within the specialist field of wind energy.

Taking an open-minded approach to the work with the client enabled solutions with dual purpose and reasoning to be achieved, creating an outcome that generated something extra to the original requirement.

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PPL Training offers courses for qualifications in Renewable Energy sector

19 Jan 2010

PPL Training Limited is a leading training company based in York, delivering nationally recognised certificated courses in the Plumbing, Electrical and Renewable Energy industries.

The Company offers a wide variety of courses ranging from basic skills training to full NVQ Level 3 qualifications.

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Parker Hannifin strengthens focus on renewable sector

19 Jan 2010

Continued growth in the demand for sources of renewable energy has led Parker Hannifin, the global leader in motion and control technologies, to expand still further its range of products, systems and customer services in the power sector.

In particular, Parker has set up a dedicated Global team of technical and applications experts to enable the company to develop customised solutions in the areas of wind and wave energy, where it will be able to offer technology that helps drive down the costs of construction, maintenance and operation, while simultaneously increasing system performance and functionality.

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BWEA says we can build a new UK Industry from Offshore Wind

11 Jan 2010

Round Three of the UK offshore wind farm allocations will increase world market by 20 times.

The announcement by The Crown Estate has been welcomed, but Government action is needed to win a manufacturing base for the UK. Up to 45,000 UK based jobs could be created in new coastal manufacturing hubs by 2020 however grid upgrades must be approved to avoid delays in the build-out of new offshore wind farms.

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UK wind industry welcomes Beauly Denny power line decision

07 Jan 2010

The UK wind industry trade body today welcomed the Scottish Government’s decision to approve the Beauly-Denny power line as a vitally important step forward in delivering the UK’s 2020 renewable target.

Britain is committed to generated 15% of its electricity from renewables by the end of this decade. As the renewable contribution from heat and fuel are so low that up to half of this will have to come from electricity alone. Three-quarters of this green electricity capacity, some 34GW, is expected to come from wind (broadly 2/3 offshore and 1/3 onshore) with hydro, wave and tidal and solar contributing up to another 10GW.

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BWEA Changes Name to RenewableUK

21 Dec 2009

New name and logo approved at AGM

Thirty one years after the founding of the British Wind Energy Association (BWEA), 5 years after it started representing companies from the wave and tidal energy sector, and 12 months after the start of the rebranding consultation process, the members of BWEA have approved a name and logo change. The Association will now be called RenewableUK. The blue logo consisting of three wavy lines will be replaced by the ‘green spark’ logo.

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International study concludes sound from wind turbines does not affect health

16 Dec 2009

The joint AWEA and CanWEA study on Wind Turbine Sound and Health Effects has been published today.

CanWEA’s press release comments on the findings: ‘An international panel of experts has released a report based on a review of a large body of scientific literature on sound and health effects, and specifically with regard to sound produced by wind turbines. After extensive review, analysis and discussion, the panel has concluded that sounds or vibrations emitted from wind turbines have no adverse effect on human health.’

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The Renewable Energy Centre supports Wind Power on the BBC Politics Show

03 Nov 2009

Managing Director, Richard Simmons put forward his arguments highlighting the benefits of wind power live on The Politics Show on Sunday, in response to a proximity bill being introduced by MP Peter Luff to the House of Commons today.

The Politics Show regional section for the West Midlands was covering the debate about a proposed wind farm site in Lenchwick, Worcestershire. The local MP Peter Luff is today proposing a proximity bill to the House of Commons which would provide legislation to ensure a fixed distance between turbines and the nearest residences.

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The Heat Project launch Environment Competition

12 Oct 2009

Environmental Christmas competition educates from a child’s perspective.

The nationwide discounted loft and cavity wall insulation provider, the Heat Project, has launched an exciting new competition to provide an insight into how the environment is perceived by children through a Christmas campaign entitled ‘Our Planet, Our Future – what my environment means to me’. The campaign hopes to be educational for the children taking part as well as for those at the Heat Project, providing a unique opportunity to identify how the planet’s greatest threat is perceived by those it will most likely affect if no remedial action is taken.

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