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The Renewable Energy Centre Press Room

Welcome to The Renewable Energy Centre Press Room

Here you will find articles and press releases issued by The Renewable Energy Centre. If you require more information or would like to publish these, please contact Angela Gallacher (Head of Press & Marketing) on 01926 865835.

Please click on the links below to read the full articles:

Renewable Technologies

18 Jun 2007

The Renewable Energy Centre leads the way in promoting UK Renewable Technologies

Due to popular demand The Renewable Energy Centre has added three new sections to their website; a directory of UK and International renewable energy exhibitions and conferences for trade and consumers, a section for relevant Educational Resources and advice on government grants and funds available.


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EPC's Delayed

04 Jun 2007

The Renewable Energy Centre concerned about delay of Energy Performance Certificates

Following the announcement that the launch of Home Information Packs, including the key Energy Performance Certificates, will be delayed until 1st August, The Renewable Energy Centre voices its concerns about the resulting impact on the UK’s fight against climate change.


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Energy White Paper

28 May 2007

The Renewable Energy Centre comments on the Energy White Paper 2007

The Renewable Energy Centre commented this week on how the Energy White Paper released on the 23rd May will affect UK consumers and businesses.


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Wind Farm

21 May 2007

The Renewable Energy Centre helps to make the subject of Wind Power a breeze for the UK

With the rising popularity of renewable technologies in the UK The Renewable Energy Centre was pleased to announce a record number of visits to the Wind Power section of the website this month.


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Water Conservation

14 May 2007

The Renewable Energy Centre Discusses the Future of Water Recycling

With ever increasing temperatures, less rainfall and a summer hosepipe ban a likely possibility this year, The Renewable Energy Centre discusses water recycling and how useful it will be to us in the future?


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Wave Hub Project

07 May 2007

The Renewable Energy Announces its support for the £28million Wave Hub Project

Following the announcement of the secured funding for the World’s largest wave farm to be built just off the coast of Cornwall; The Renewable Energy Centre is actively supporting the growth of this source of renewable energy, with a section on its website dedicated to wave and tidal power.


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Energy Efficiency Advice Centre's

30 Apr 2007

The Renewable Energy announces the addition of UK Energy Efficiency Advice Centre’s to its Directory

The Renewable Energy Centre announced today that it is actively supporting the Energy Efficiency Advice Centre (EEAC) UK network and has established a dedicated section on the website with direct links to every Advice Centre homepage.


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Patio Heaters

23 Apr 2007

The Renewable Energy Centre backs opposition to Patio Heaters

The Renewable Energy Centre has announced today it is joining the fight against energy inefficient patio heaters by launching a new section to their website dedicated to Biomass related alternatives.


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16 Apr 2007

The Renewable Energy Centre helps to drive the Biofuel Industry Forward

Due to increasing debates surrounding the issue of Biofuels, announces the launch of a dedicated Biofuels and Biomass area to their website.


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Planning Permission Restrictions

03 Apr 2007

The Renewable Energy Centre Backs Proposals to Lift Planning Permission Restrictions on Green Technology for Homes

The recently launched website should be the first stop for any individual now considering micro-generation installations for their home.


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Save Power and Save Money

02 Apr 2007

The Renewable Energy Centre Helps to Combat Fuel Poverty with
Practical Tips for Households on any Budget

The Renewable Energy Centre fights the fuel poverty crisis and proves that home owners need not invest a lot of money to improve the energy efficiency of their home and cut utility bills.


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The 2007 Budget

26 Mar 2007

The Renewable Energy comments on the 2007 Budget

In what many say is his first ‘green’ budget in 10 years, the decision to reward buyers of carbon neutral homes with no stamp duty is just one of many that illustrates the government’s emphasis on the importance of energy efficiency of UK homes.


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Energy Performance Certificates

23 Mar 2007

The Renewable Energy Centre weighs up the Value of Energy Performance Certificates

UK households are said to be responsible for a quarter of the UK’s total carbon emissions and the Energy Performance Certificate is the Governments latest step in attempting to change house-holders’ attitudes a greener home.


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The Renewable Energy is Launched

15 Feb 2007

The Renewable Energy is Launched

A website launched this week is the first of its kind in the UK is set to lead the way as a primary source of information and reference for renewable energy.

The website, has been established by the winning team already responsible for one of the UK’s busiest property portals, Email 4 Property.


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