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European And Asian Wind Turbine Oems Commit To Collaborate

Press Release
27 Jun 2011

Turbine manufacturers are constantly reviewing their component sourcing strategies as they seek to reduce their costs and increase product quality and reliability.

As manufacturers try to balance in-house manufacturing and outsourcing supply, shortages in previous years have forced OEM’s to pay closer attention to their relationships with component manufacturers.

With the development of new, bigger turbines in the onshore and offshore markets with comparatively larger components, OEM’s are adopting radically difference component sourcing strategies. Vestas, Siemens Windpower, Xinjiang Goldwind, and Mitsubishi are discussing the fundamentally different approaches of global outsourcing for components or internally integrating the manufacturing process, giving component manufacturers a unique insight into where the next big opportunities lie.

In order to facilitate cooperation and establishing long term contracts, procurement specialists from manufacturers such as Vestas, GE, Siemens, Gamesa, Goldwind and Mitsubishi Power Systems have agreed to share knowledge into the key selection criteria that are forming the basis of their long term relationships with component suppliers at the 3rd Global Wind Turbine Supply Chain Conference this September in Hamburg.

In addition to gaining insight from the turbine market leaders, the Supply Chain Director of Forewind, the leading developer Dogger Bank, will be providing unique insight into the future role of developers and the modifications that the turbine supply chain strategy will have to go through to keep up with proposed round 3 and future farshore developments.

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