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Save Energy Renewables Opens Renewable Energy Showroom In Poole

Press Release
05 Oct 2011

One of the largest Renewable Energy providers in the South has opened Poole’s first interactive Showroom for Residential and Commercial customers.

One of the largest renewable energy providers in the South, Save Energy Renewables - part of the Save Energy Group, is providing an opportunity to get up close and personal with the products that are enabling today’s astute consumer to take control of rising energy costs by harvesting what comes naturally – daylight.

Each product category in the Save Energy portfolio is catered for, including Solar PV for harvesting your free electricity, Solar Thermal for hot water, and Air and Ground Source Heat Pumps for space heating and hot water. Most of us have heard of at least one of these products, but what do they mean for the future of our energy supply? What is best solution for your home or business, what is involved in the installation and how will it impact on the building? How do we find out more about the governments Feed in Tariff, and - importantly, how long before we see a return on our investment?

These are all questions that can be answered by visiting the experts at the Save Energy Renewables showroom. It provides an opportunity to break down the different categories, their benefits and enables customers to visualise each product in their own surroundings. The showroom is also fully interactive, with explanatory videos, footage by the manufacturers themselves, and a live feed to properties that are already benefiting from solar energy to enable visitors to see for themselves how much energy is being generated.
Save Energy Group Office

Sales and Marketing Director, Steve Randall, explains the idea behind opening the Showroom: “We started our business in 2002, so we have been talking about renewable energy for almost a decade. Although we have always encouraged customers to come along and see the infrastructure of the business behind their investment and to see the products for themselves – what was missing was an opportunity to see them in situ. To see how they are fitted and to make it easier to understand the process from the first initial contact with us, through to site survey/installation, as well as our customer service that goes far beyond our engineers closing the van doors and leaving site at the end of the day. The showroom brings our customers renewable energy investment to life, and we are delighted to have this new service available.”

Commercial Director, Mike Davies: “We intend to make full use of the Showroom as an educational platform from which to explain the benefits of renewable energy. Our Commercial Division is working hard to help small-to-medium sized businesses, as well as large organisations understand how they can future proof their businesses against rising energy costs. Increasingly, we are working with the farming community across the south, as well as churches, care homes, leisure and fitness clubs. We encourage anyone who wants to know how to invest in something that will actually offer a return, to visit our Showroom. “

Steve Randall: “Check us out on and then come along to our Showroom. Our team look forward to welcoming customers old and new to The Save Energy Showroom – Unit 35 Wessex Trade Centre 01202 721188.


About Save Energy Group
Save Energy Renewables is part of the Save Energy Group. Established in 2002, the company is now one of the largest renewable energy solutions providers in the South. For almost a decade they have carried out hundreds of Commercial and Residential installations and receive letters from satisfied customers on a daily basis. With four owners/Directors, each dedicated to an important discipline within the business including residential, commercial, customer service and finance, the company now employs over forty staff across customer service, sales, surveying, management, marketing and installation.

Steve Randall
Sales & Marketing Director
Save Energy Group
35 Wessex Trade Centre
Ringwood Road
BH12 3PG

T: 01202 721188
E: [email protected]

Lynda Sparks
Marketing Manager
[email protected]
T: 01202 713811


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