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Wind Energy Update Wind Energy Component Manufacturers Seize Opportunity To Connect With Oems

Press Release
28 Jun 2011

While the wind industry has been through several challenging years in terms of numbers of orders and installations, the rise of emerging windpower markets such as China, India, Eastern Europe and Brazil has arguably reinvigorated the turbine manufacturing industry, with leading manufacturers establishing new centres to capitalise on new opportunities.

To adapt to shifting manufacturing strategies, component suppliers are being forced to evaluate their approaches to forge stronger relationships with OEMs so that they can contend with a more globalised and competitive supply chain environment.

As well as adapting to the new sourcing strategies of turbine manufacturers, component suppliers of gearboxes are being forced to content with the development of direct drive, gearless turbines which remove the need for a conventional gearbox and arguably resulting in a more efficient turbine.

In an effort to facilitate the relationships between manufacturers and suppliers, OEM and component suppliers are meeting to establish stronger relationships and identify the new opportunities to work together in the emerging and new offshore opportunities.

This September, Vestas GE Energy, Siemens Windpower, Goldwind to name a few are meeting in Hamburg to collaborate and forge relationships to work together going forward into 2012 and beyond. Key selection criteria are being discussed in addition to the competing sourcing strategies that OEM’s are employing.

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