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Autarco Becomes New Benchmark For Pv Industry

Press Release
11 Jun 2012

Autarco to supply first single brand complete PV solutions in UK.

Shanghai, China, May 28, 2012 – As the solar industry enters a new era, Autarco, an international renewable energy solution company, is the first to supply integrally designed single brand complete PV systems to the UK market.

Not many industries exist where consumers have to make significant investments in 3 or 4 different brands to solve a single problem. In the oversaturated solar markets, these component brands are fighting for survival with many, including big names such as Q-cells, already falling by the way side.

Autarco looks to avoid this battle by providing all required components for a complete solar photovoltaic system under one brand with an industry first 10-year warranty on the complete system. And it delivers them straight from factory; an innovative supply chain redesign, allowing them to bypass costly middlemen and pass those savings onto the customer.

According to the recent McKinsey and Co. report “Darkest before Dawn” the continued growth in solar PV is set to transform power markets. McKinsey states that it will be innovative solar companies that “reduce their costs, develop value propositions to target the needs of particular segments” that will be reap the benefits of this transformation”. Autarco has achieved cost efficiency and a more complete service for its customers through their supply chain innovation. Once the components are assembled to the required specification, they are shipped directly to their growing network of customers.

Autarco believes this flexibility enables them to provide high quality complete solutions at extremely competitive prices. ‘I’ve used the experiences gained from over five years in the Chinese PV industry to put together a value proposition that is hard to beat. We are able to provide our solutions at competitive prices thanks to our supply chain innovation and definitely not by comprising on product quality. Quality is number one, embodied in our ten year system warranty.’ says CEO Roel Van Den Berg.

The direct from factory model not only keeps prices low and ensures the most advanced technologies, but also allows Autarco to immediately pass on the expected decreases in system prices to its customers. Whether it is on a project basis or in bulk deliveries, their logistics department ensure the goods arrive safely and on-time.

Just 12 months after its launch and considerable success, distribution of Autarco PV solutions has now commenced in the UK and an extended warranty is not the only advantage of doing business with this dynamic, innovative company. Lloyd Lawson, UK sales director explains further, ‘We looked at every entity in the solar value chain and set-out to make it simpler and more efficient for each of them. From the architect’s specification, the installer’s installation all the way through to the consumer’s decision making. Our UK wide sales and support team offers an on-the-ground service that is unrivaled within the industry.’

The Autarco story will not end here as plans are already well underway to penetrate other markets including the US, the Caribbean, Australia and East Asia. Their flexibility, competitive pricing and unique single brand proposition has benefits that resound throughout the value chain.

Is Autarco setting the new benchmark for the PV industry?

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This article is credited to and written by Autarco.


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