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Constructed Wetlands Association Event

Press Release
26 May 2009

Wetland Technology and the Water Framework Directive; Achieving Compliance: Problems and Solutions

Event Date: 24th June 2009

The water environment in Europe is in a state of decline. For many years our rivers, lakes, coasts and wetlands have been used as natural sinks - a repository for sewage, slurry, and industrial effluents – in fact almost anything which was either too difficult or too expensive to get rid of in any other way. Water quality is an issue for even the most progressive countries and how to deal with the polluting effect of growth and economic development is an on-going problem.

At this seminar we aim to bring together consultants, regulators, designers, researchers, installers and conservationists to explore the use and development of constructed wetlands, building on present experience, to meet and resolve current and future regulatory and water quality issues.

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