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Electrical 13 Amp Double Plug Sockets By The Internet Electrial Store

Press Release
22 Aug 2012

Plug sockets are no longer just a necessity; it has become increasingly important to style your electrical sockets with the rest of the room in which they sit. This has resulted in a wide range of designer sockets coming into production with a variety of finishes, such as brushed chrome, brass as well as the old favourites; white plastic. The demand for stylized 13 amp sockets has rocketed over the past decade, which has given customers a much better selection of electrical sockets to choose from to accommodate all design tastes.

Some designer sockets have introduced contrasting colours; where the switches are a different colour to the socket case to help make the sockets more of a design feature in the home, rather than just a mundane requirement.

The electrical sockets are available in both single and double sizes to help cater for all needs and help improve electrical accessibility in the home.

You may not have realized the distance that 13amp sockets have come in the past years but you are sure to be surprised at the wide range of choice that is now available. There are even ‘ultra flat’ sockets to help give a ‘flush’ finish to your electrical sockets. If you’re looking for a really clean finish to your plug socket design, you should try the screw less design where the fixture is attached to the wall via ‘hidden’ screws – ensuring it is still secure but has a much neater aesthetic.

Don’t settle for any socket design as The Internet Elecrical Store has a brilliant choice of plug sockets to help ensure you will find one to suit both your home and your needs. Spend some time doing some research on the different electrical sockets available and you may well be pleasantly surprised at the difference choosing the right design can make.


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