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Forever Fuels Announces Partnership

Press Release
06 Feb 2009

Forever Fuels Ltd and Skellefteå Kraft AB today announced that they have agreed to work together to bring Skellefteå's top-quality wood pellets to the British market.

The market for green heating in the UK is still in its infancy. But the need for alternatives to fossil fuels has been highlighted by the volatility of their prices, and Russia's attempts to hold her neighbours to ransom through control of the gas supplies.

Biomass is one of the few practical alternatives to fossil fuels for our heating supplies. A number of factors have inhibited its widespread adoption in the UK. One significant factor is customers' uncertainty about the ongoing availability of biomass fuel of sufficient quality and consistency. Backed by Summerleaze, one of the UK's longest-established renewable energy groups, Forever Fuels' mission is to provide a reliable, nationwide supply of quality wood pellets, allowing customers to invest in biomass boilers with confidence. Forever Fuels has quickly established a leading position as a supplier of wood pellets.

For customers to have confidence, they must be sure, for the lifetime of their boiler, not only that suppliers like Forever Fuels will continue to service the market, but also that these suppliers can obtain enough pellets of a suitable quality to satisfy demand. Faced with limited UK production, and in the wake of the recent closure of three British pellet plants and questions over the quality of the pellets from some of the other plants, Forever Fuels turned to Sweden.

With vast, sustainable forestry-resources and the best record in Europe for displacing fossil fuels with renewables, Sweden is arguably the home of biomass energy. And with one pellet factory producing almost twice as much fuel as the combined output of all UK plants, and another entering production that will produce almost as much again, Skellefteå Kraft is one of the largest and longest-established producers in Sweden.

Initial loads from Skellefteå were trialled during December with some of Forever Fuels' closest customers (Nottinghamshire County Council and South Yorkshire Police). These trials proved highly successful. The pellets provided high calorific values and durability, improved flow characteristics, and low fines and ash content. Hard on the heels of this successful trial, the first bulk delivery of 3000 tonnes arrived in the UK in January, to be made available to Forever Fuels' customers around Britain.

Elisabeth Bjuhr, Head of Department for Heat/Marketing at Skellefteå Kraft said “We believe that the UK market has a lot of potential. We are pleased to join with the UK's leading supplier of pellets to develop that market. The UK has a lot of people and rapidly depleting energy resources. Sweden has not so many people and a very large, sustainable biomass resource. It makes sense to work together.”

“We are delighted to be partnering a company with such a track-record and range of expertise as Skellefteå Kraft”, said Bruno Prior, Managing Director of Forever Fuels. “As soon as we tried these pellets, we knew they were good. If you can keep a city in the north of Sweden warm and lit, helping us to stay warm in Britain should be a piece of cake.”


Bruno Prior ([email protected]) or Simon Worth ([email protected])
Forever Fuels Ltd
225 Blackamoor Lane
Berks. SL6 8RT
Tel: +44 (0)1628 509690
Fax: +44 (0)1628 509698

Elisabeth Bjuhr ([email protected]) or Rolf Lindgren ([email protected])
Skellefteå Kraft AB
931 80 Skellefteå
Tel: +46 (0)910-77 29 51
Fax: +46 (0)910-77 28 78


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