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Press Release
31 Jul 2008

“Avoid Fuel Poverty by Insulating” says The Renewable Energy

In a statement released by The Renewable Energy Centre it was clear that the looming crisis of fuel poverty for many people in Britain could be avoided in time for winter.

The Renewable Energy Centre said that insulation and draught proofing were the fundamental elements to keeping Britain warm and that further advertising, promotion and support from the Government was essential to avoid yet another embarrassment for Labour.

The Renewable Energy has for the last year consistently highlighted the need for the UK public to focus their attention on insulation and draught proofing before considering any other forms of renewable energy generation. The government has issued grants for qualifying homes with up to 100% reductions in cost however both the access and application for these can be complex and therefore prohibitive to many people.

The Renewable Energy Centre said that in order for grants to be more accessible for insulation in particular, a much more user friendly and simplistic application system should be implemented. Many people who have spoken to the Centre had no idea that government grants were available to them which has only highlighted the lack of effective publicity and marketing for these schemes.

Currently the Warm Front initiative covers insulation and draught proofing and there are other schemes which can provide free insulation to people who are receiving tax credits and benefits. The Renewable Energy Centre said that insulating and draught proofing could mean that many UK homes might avoid fuel poverty this winter even despite the predicted energy price increases.

Richard Simmons, Managing Director at the Renewable Energy Centre said “For the last year we have been campaigning to encourage the government to legislate with regard to the insulation in people’s roof spaces and cavity walls. Along with draught proofing many homes would retain a significant and noticeable amount of heat if these simple actions were taken. If the government can stop smoking in bars and restaurants over night, they can ensure everyone has the best chance of retaining heat in their homes and reducing overall energy bills by the time winter comes this year.”

He continued “Until the issue of insulating the entire housing stock of the UK has been properly addressed any renewable energy initiatives in the home are undermined. In a nutshell, insulating homes is the single most efficient and cost effective way of achieving a greener Britain.”

The Renewable Energy Centre said that now was the time for home owners to consider their heating options for the winter and to take steps in order to save money and stay warm. It said that many homes would benefit from insulation and draught proofing straight away and that much more needed to be done to encourage people to take action before it was too late.

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