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Press Release
23 Apr 2007

The Renewable Energy Centre backs opposition to Patio Heaters

The Renewable Energy Centre has announced today it is joining the fight against energy inefficient patio heaters by launching a new section to their website dedicated to Biomass related alternatives.

The Renewable Energy Centre, an online directory of specialist manufacturers and suppliers, has committed itself to helping change the UK consumer attitudes to patio heaters by providing visitors with information on alternatives to the highly energy inefficient gas heaters.

Biomass fuel has been identified by many to be a more efficient option when outside heating is required. This renewable fuel can be defined as organic matter such as timber and crops grown specifically to be burnt to generate heat and power. The new section of The Renewable Energy website provide visitors with a practical introduction to the subject of Biomass, a directory of specialist companies and links to further related organisations.

The Renewable Energy Centre is responding to the increasing popularity of patio heaters over the past few years. Outside heating appliances were initially designed for use in the hospitality industry but new technology and the subsequent fall in production cost has led to the products becoming more accessible to the average UK homeowner.

It is estimated that there are approximately 630,000 patio heaters currently in UK households and up to 105,000 in the hospitality sector. Research by the Market Transformation Group (MTG) suggested that only including the patio heaters already sold in the UK, over 222,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide were being produced a year.

The smoking ban commencing on July 1st this year will also certainly lead to a surge in patio heater purchasing as pubs, bars and restaurants create an outside space that smokers can comfortably and legally have a cigarette.

Statistics from one of the UK’s leading online construction directories recently stated that out of their 80,000 product categories, searches for patio heaters manufacturers and suppliers has risen significantly over the past 3 months as the summer season approaches.

This rise in popularity of patio heaters has many environmental organisations deeply concerned. They are one of the most inefficient heating appliances available and on the whole a totally excessive luxury.

Friends of the Earth director Tony Juniper stated “It is hard to imagine a device that inflicts more gratuitous damage on the environment. At a time when we’re struggling to combat climate change there has to be a question as to whether we really need things that heat up the outdoors”

Standard patio heaters are particularly inefficient as they do not use fans to prevent warm rising as heaters designed to warm the air of a large internal spaces do. The heaters rely on radiation to heat the surrounding space and therefore the appliances need to get extremely hot to work effectively.

Richard Simmons, Managing Director of The Renewable Energy Centre stated: “We believe that a vital step towards shifting consumer buying patterns and attitudes is providing easily accessible information and showing that there are environmentally friendly alternatives available for many energy inefficient appliances such as patio heaters”

He continued, “I found there to be a clear gap in the market for this kind of information. The website is targeted at both the general public and industry professionals and the new section to the website will be particularly useful for all visitors, allowing them to research the subject, find out what the possible options available to them are and help them to make an informed decision”.

Many companies are already being pro-active in response to the rising opposition to patio heaters. Wyevale Garden Centre have recently announced that no longer stock any gas fuelled outside heating appliances and gas company Calor have launched carbon offset vouchers with their heaters, available for as little as £1.60 for domestic users.

The Renewable Energy Centre was optimistic that these actions signify the first indications of a move by companies to begin to put their corporate social responsibility above the bottom line.

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Notes for Editors:

The Renewable Energy Centre is committed to informing all online users about energy saving and renewable energy in order to:

  • increase public awareness through accurate and informative resources
  • create business opportunities throughout the UK through its’ local and national directories.

For more information contact:

Angela Gallacher (Head of Press and Marketing)
Telephone: +44 (0)1926 865 835
Address: 1 Alpha House, Farmer Ward Road, Kenilworth, Warwickshire, CV8 2ED

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