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Sutherland Tables 2012 Publication Now Contains Figures On Ground And Air Source Heat Pumps

Press Release
10 Feb 2012

The Sutherland Tables provide comparative costs for space heating and hot water for the most common fuels across a range of standard house types throughout the UK and Ireland.

The Tables also provide figures for heating an individual room using a variety of appliances including open and closed solid fuel appliances, gas and electric heaters, and fixed and portable LPG heaters.

In October 2011 we expanded our publication to include costs for heating and hot water using Ground and Air Source Heat Pumps, for both under-floor and radiators systems.

Dependant on the system used, figures to date indicate that use of heat pumps can result in a reduction in costs (using electricity) of approximately 45% - 65%

Although this may not always have been experienced in practice, with a correctly sized and controlled system running cost savings can be realised.

The point about correct sizing of heat pump is very important. In some cases heat pumps have been known to be undersized with the result that they operate at a lower CoP or, in the worst case, fail to meet comfort requirements. Floor-based heating systems, meanwhile, should be controlled on floor temperature and a responsive floor covering chosen to avoid wasted output and poor response time.


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