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The Internet Electrical Store Offers Two New Light Switch Sockets

Press Release
22 Nov 2012

The Internet Electrical Store offers two new light switch sockets
With so much interior design flexibility today it is becoming more difficult to select light switch styles which suit both the room and the rest of house.

The Internet Electrical Store now offers the perfect solution to this problem with their range of Varilight Freestyle range.

Varilight Faceplate In order to completely match the design or focus of the room, these faceplates are clear so that it is possible to place matching wall paper, images or photos around the switch. This adds innovation of design as well as an interesting concept to the simple light switch.

In addition the company also now has a range of pastel coloured Varilight switch which conforms to the latest UK and EU safety legislation. The faceplates are ideal for children’s bedrooms but also any area of the home where colour matching or contrasting is required.

Rocker light switches to control both low voltage lighting and mains lighting can also be ordered but are available only in white. Light Pastel Faceplate

Both these Varilight switches start from £5.95 each and offer a cost effective option while providing a highly designed look and feel.

For more information or to order please visit the Varilight Freestyle Page or the Varilight Pastel


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