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The Renewable Energy Centre At Grand Designs

Press Release
16 Sep 2008

The Renewable Energy Centre today announced that it has been invited to speak at the Grand Designs show which is to be held at the NEC in Birmingham on 10th-12th October.

The seminar, Go Green Get Rich will cover some of the basics about home energy saving and becoming more energy efficient. The Renewable Energy Centre is one of the foremost proponents of adequate loft and floor insulation in order to conserve heat and has consistently highlighted the need for government legislation in this area.

Over 25% of the heat in our homes is lost through roofs and walls and over 40% of the UK’s carbon emissions come from our homes. With the correct insulation installed this figure can be dramatically reduced and up to £200 can be saved on fuel bills each year and over 1 tonne of carbon dioxide.

The Renewable Energy Centre is dedicated to promoting the benefits of insulation as the first step towards a greener lifestyle. Richard Simmons, Managing Director will be speaking at the show and commented that “It is essential that before anyone thinks about installing renewable energy technology that they first fully insulate and draught proof their home. The government legislated on smoking in restaurants and bars over night, the same can be done for insulation.”

The government has already gone some way to enforcing this with the Low Carbon Buildings Programme, which offers grants and funding for renewable energy projects in the home. Before applying for a grant, home owners must have already properly insulated their roof space, wall cavity and have energy efficient light bulbs throughout the home.

On a larger scale The Renewable Energy Centre said that the UK is currently in a very precarious position due to its reliance on imported fuel and energy. Over the next decade fuel prices will continue to rise and possibly energy supply may falter due to political instability. The centre predicted that alongside the importance of reducing carbon emissions, a trend will also develop where people will need to ensure self sufficiency by generating their own energy supply. People who have invested in renewable technologies are, it said, already prepared for the worst, whether from environmental impact or political.

The Renewable Energy Centre said that as the industry grows more and more people will seek to invest in renewable technology which will help save the planet and reduce their yearly fuel bills.

The Grand Designs show is being held at the NEC in Birmingham on the 10-12th October. The Renewable Energy Centre will be speaking on Saturday 11th October at 16.45 pm.

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Notes for Editors:

The Renewable Energy Centre is committed to informing all online users about energy saving and renewable energy in order to:

  • increase public awareness through accurate and informative resources
  • create business opportunities throughout the UK through its’ local and national directories.

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Telephone: +44 (0)1926 865 835
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