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The Solutions To Post Warranty Wind Energy Operations And Maintenance

Press Release
14 Feb 2011

Despite a hindered growth of wind installations in 2010, the industry expects to add 100,000 more turbines over the next two decades. What’s more is that in roughly 5 years the expected growth in operation and maintenance (O&M) business is set to be a $10.6 billion.

This growth is imminent. As we approach 2012, operating wind projects with a cumulative value of around $40 billion dollars will come out of their warranty periods. They will then require both a rigorous end-of-warranty inspection and then an on-going O&M aftercare strategy going forward.

Put simply there are 3 aftercare options available: re-entering warranty, take O&M in house (self-operate), or contract the work out to an Independent Service Provider (ISP).

Critical Emphasis is now on:

  • Choosing the right O&M aftercare strategy given the amount of choice available
  • End of warranty inspections: How to exit warranty having covered ALL angles
  • Those pioneering in terms of turbine maintenance, and how they are doing it
  • Technology providers providing systems that are justified in cost and cost effectively implementable

Wind energy experts gather in Dallas to thrash out on-going O&M solutions
International wind energy operators and OEMs will be meeting at the Wind Energy Update Operations and Maintenance Summit USA 2011 in Dallas (March 29-30) to discuss how to develop proven, cost effective post warranty O&M strategies to optimize performance and dramatically reduce costs. This industry led event will cover key areas including:

Mike Barrios: General Manager, Nextera
Judah Moseson: Manager, Operations Support Services, E.ON Climate and Renewables
Mike Outten: Manager, Procurement, Horizon Wind Energy
Tom Paff: Power Operations Manager, Duke Energy Generation Services
Matt Sakurada: Vice President, Operations and Asset Management, BP Wind Energy
Jeff Gibbons: Technical Director, AES Wind Generation
Gary Griffin: Director Commercial Management, Edison Mission Energy

Wind experience
This O&M-focused conference will bring together the key operators, utilities, OEMs, service providers, component suppliers, government representatives, and other key industry experts to deliver not only their successes in O&M, but also their stumbling blocks, to equip others with the knowledge required to take their businesses to the next level.

Jon Harman, Director at Wind Energy Update says: "This conference will prepare wind energy professionals – and those looking to move into the industry - with previously unheard facts, figures, strategies and data than you can be implemented immediately for not just the coming months, but also coming years."

For further information regarding this event, view the website:
Or contact:
Jon Harman, Director
Wind Energy Update
t. +44 207 375 7577
e. [email protected]


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