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The United Kingdom Energy Saving Plan

Press Release
26 Oct 2012

Recent studies showed that the United Kingdom could cut up to approx. $17 billion off its yearly energy costs by 2030, if inducements to encourage electricity demand decrease are introduced as the market evolves into a low-carbon market.

Reports say that these inducements will be introduced as a government bill, which is planned to be made public before the end of 2012. This bill in the planning, hopes to revamp the UK energy market so that energy demand is reduced by as much as 40%.

“Negawatts” — a hypothetical power unit that represents energy — is being used to measure saved energy. According to environmental entities like the Green Alliance and WWF, this saved energy will help reduce the requirement to erect more wind farms, nuclear plants and fossil fuel power stations. The study reports showed that it would be cheaper to secure negawatts instead of merely trying to meet the increasing electricity demand.

The UK Minister of Energy sector John Hayes said in a recent interview that government policy needs to focus on managing the electricity demand more. He also confirmed his work in incorporating measures in his department's energy bill, which will tentatively be released this fall.

The government published a summary of the bill on May 22 to draw the investment required to restore old power stations by year 2020. The summary puts forward plans to guarantee costs for low-carbon electricity, and to recompense producers providing back-up supply when conventional forms of energy like wind, solar and marine power fail.

Minister Hayes said that managing demand needs to be focused on more than it has been previously especially in this bill. He reiterated the importance of incentivising both consumers and producers in the area of demand management. Instead of focusing measures solely around production, one could begin to connect that to consumption in a economic way, he said.

Only time will tell if these plans can be materialised and if they will help to achieve the aim of saving energy and energy costs within the United Kingdom.


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