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Thinking About Earning From The Feed In Tariff Proceed With Caution

Press Release
16 Mar 2010

With so much hype about the new Feed in Tariff (FIT), solar photovoltaic manufacturers have been scrambling to attract as much of the market share as they can. Likewise those homeowners thinking about installing PV and hoping to capitalise from the FIT are also researching products galore.

However there is really only one place anyone should be going to and that is the Micro-generation Certification Scheme (MCS) website. It is a little known fact that only the products which are certified by this programme will be eligible to benefit from the FIT.

'Clear Skies' was the governments’ previous golden list of approved installers and products which held a wide range of product manufacturers for micro-generation. This list has now been completely scrapped and the new criteria set by the MCS have led to a significant reduction in approved products and installers.

For example there are only 21 photovoltaic manufacturers who have products which are approved by the MCS however there are far many more companies promoting PV and other products without certification, across the UK.

The tragedy is that this key fact has not been widely publicised and that many people will and may already have invested in products and installations which will not be eligible to receive the Feed in Tariff.

Richard Simmons, Managing Director at The Renewable Energy said “The government is always so keen to announce their latest big idea when it comes to renewable energy but they fail to adequately explain what and where the caveats are. For the homeowner this is both frightening and confusing and there is certainly the potential for a serious backlash regarding this issue from those who have already purchased products particularly in the PV market.”

So if you are thinking about micro-generation and the Feed in Tariff, be wise, proceed with caution and do your research.

The Renewable Energy Centre has added a new section relating to this issue click on the following link to view MCS certified PV manufacturers

Information about the MCS scheme can be found at


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